Sellaround is the easiest way to sell and promote products:
on the web, in social networks and mobile.

We offer four core applications to provide a 360° social monetization strategy

Are you a brand or agency and you’re looking for...

  • Customization
  • Branding
  • Whitelabelling
  • ERP Integration
  • Individual contact person
  • CRM Data
  • Customer Insights
  • Detailed analytics
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What makes Sellaround so unique and special?

  • Social by Design

    Social features are integral part of Sellaround applications. We make it easy to share products including new open graph actions like “I Want”, “I Have” or “I Bought”.

  • Easy to Use

    Sellaround offers an easy to use self service interface that enables users to run great campaigns by themselves.

  • Beautiful Design

    We love beautiful products, that's why we take the time and effort of providing a great user experience for you and our customers.

  • Secure and Safe

    Data security – especially in an e-commerce enviroment is vital. This is why Facebook officially approved our business operations.

Why should I use Sellaround?

  • Social ROI

    Sell closest to the customer – on the web, on Facebook or mobile – and generate revenues where they did not happen before.

  • More Traffic and Leads

    Close the viral loop back on your webshop and get new customers through qualified referral traffic.

  • Branding, PR, Insight

    Posting yourself as most innovative through our cutting edge technology that is officially approved by Facebook and learn more about your customers.

  • Attractive pricing

    Low cost, easy to use and easy to integrate social commerce platform.

What does the media say?

  • What if opening a store was as easy as embedding a youtube video?

    — Devin Coldewey ,
  • Instead of putting all products in one online shop, have them shared across the web.

    — Susanne Vieser ,
  • Sellaround is a useful proof-of-concept for social commerce widgets that can be embedded in blogs and shared across social media newsfeeds.

    — Paul Marsden ,
  • With the help of Sellaround, users can build their own minishop in minutes, sell own products and spread them across the web.

    — Martin Weigert ,
  • Sellers using Sellaround get a completely new sales channel.

    — ONEtoONE ,
  • is a social commerce platform, that empowers artists to sell their music and products via Facebook, Twitter, etc...

    — Verena Diersch ,

Who is using Sellaround?

  • Warner Music
  • MINI
  • Markafoni
  • Groupon
  • ebay
  • Bild

What is Sellaround?

Sellaround provides the easiest way to sell products online, in social networks and via mobile. Leading Global brands from the fashion & lifestyle, Music, Sport and Entertainment industry use Sellaround. Musicians, authors, creatives and small business owners also love using our Social Commerce solution.

Sellaround offers four effective tools to sell and market online:
  • Selling Widget App: Allows you to offer single products within social networks
  • Shop App: Allows you to offer multiple products within social networks
  • Promotion App: Allows you to promote single products
  • Social Actions App: Allows you to embed social actions into your own online store or blog, etc.
  • a Social Q&A Plugin that enalbes your customers to get feedback from their friends

If you want to sell a single product online, use this App. The original Sellaround functionality works best for deal campaigns, where you offer a limited amount of products or a product for a limited time. The selling widget can be embedded on any given website. It’s a banner and a shop all in one. People can view the offer and buy it right there, without ever leaving the site.

Shop App: Selling multiple products
The Shop App is for sellers that want to offer several products. It best suits eCommerce starters, like small companies, musicians, authors, publishers or Brick and Mortar shop owners. Webshop owners and bigger brands can use the Shop App as a marketing tool, to run campaigns on facebook through embedding the shop on their facebook page. The Shop App can be used as a stand-alone webshop or it can be embedded into websites as webshop. The Shop App can also be embedded into a blog as a blog shop, and it can be inserted into a facebook page as a facebook shop.

Promotion Widget App: „Social Ad banner”
The Promotion Widget is similar to the Selling Widget, but without the checkout functionality. When you click open the widget, you’ll get a detailed view of the product and its description. Another click takes the user to an external product link, i.e. into the webshop of the seller. Single products can be promoted on facebook in an attractive and innovative way. The Promotion Widget can be posted on facebook - as easy as posting a Youtube Video.

Social Actions App: The evolution of the „Like”-button
This functionality offers a whole new way of online advertising. Similar to the „I like”-experience on facebook, users can leave a statement about the product, i.e. „I want”, „I have”, „I love”, „I own”, „I wish” or „I bought” to express their emotions in a more detailed way. If a user clicks on one of these social actions, a Promotion Widget with pictures, description and information about the destination site is posted on the users’ timeline. The App offers the code sniplet that a seller can include in his own website - similar to the „I like” button integration.

Social Q&A Plugin: feedback from friends in realtime
By using the Sellaround´s Social Q&A Plugin your customers will be enabled to get feedback from their friends in real time thus making better buying decisions. The focus is on interaction and users will actively talk about your brand in social networks.

These applications are available in the Sellaround Appstore in different packages, starting at € 9.90 a month. The first 30 days are free. Existing subscribers can upgrade into a higher subscription tier - or just keep using their current package.