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Corporate Social Media

For many companies social media is still quite new as a part of strategic business segment. Many companies know there is more potential than just marketing. But how are they doing?
To understand, how big brands use social media, ‘Useful Social Media’ published their second ‘State of Corporate Social Media’ report that contains many facts, statistics, analysis and trends – showing significant shifts over the last 12 months.

Unsurprisingly, social media is mainly used for marketing and comm... Read more ▸

"Social Reach Monetization"

“Social Reach Monetization“
The days of controlling brand image solely through traditional media like print, radio, and TV are over. The importance of the internet has been rapidly growing for quite some time, in large part due to social networks. In fact, as of August 2012, a quarter of the 3.45 trillion known IP addresses across the globe has a Facebook user!

Because of this explosive growth, there is an increasing demand on communication from every brand that intends to thrive instead... Read more ▸

Facebook Fakten

Es wird viel über Facebook geredet - alle sprechen darüber. Wer Zahlen und Fakten braucht, findet aber oft nur wenig. Deshalb hier eine Sammlung der wichtigsten Fakten zur Nutzung von Facebook:

• 11 % der Weltbevölkerung sind bei Facebook

• Im Jahr 2014 soll es 1,14 Mrd. Facebook-Nutzer geben
... Read more ▸

Ready to go onlineshop

Top Features:

- Extremely viral through the new Sellaround social actions "I Want", "I Have" and "I Bought"!
- Applicable across all platforms as facebook app, as embedded version or as [url=]standalone version[/url ... Read more ▸

Selling in social networks

The number of social networks is continuously growing. Most of us have heard names like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Xing, LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube, and more.

These portals have a huge significance in people's lives. It can be difficult to comprehend that users spend more than 8 hours (405 minutes) per month on facebook, mobile usage not included! The clear winner of growth is Pinterest with a monthly usage time of 89 minutes, Twitter reaches 21 and Google+ only 3 minutes.... Read more ▸

Tailored Minishop

How can you best place a special deal on your facebook fanpage? Nicely featured with seamless integration?

Our partner HitFox developed a great way to use a facebook app, in which they offer the “deal of the week”.

A quite appealing way to display the Sellaround Widget in a specific context.

Check this out to see the campaign on facebook:

HitFox Best Practice (490px).jpg Read more ▸

The right time to "post"

Many companies with a facebook profile are currently dealing with the question of when to share updates with their fans. What time of the day are my users online? Are they really active then?
To improve companies’ profiles and reach more users in the future, socialBench and 27social analysed 2,500 facebook profiles.

It’s painfully obvious that companies and users simply miss each other in the social web. While companies are sending information per newsfeed to their fans around midday, fan... Read more ▸

Webshop for my own homepage

The management of your own online store can be expensive, time-consuming, and complex. Especially customers of STRATO LivePages who are planning to sell individual products (e.g. smaller companies, private sellers, startups, and self-employed) will benefit from the cooperation between Sellaround and STRATO. From now on the customers of STRATO LivePages can easily add shopping elements to their websites.

The products are created quickly and can be added as Selling Widgets into a website. Th... Read more ▸

How to share a deal

Encompass your customers on nearly all online and offline channels using the Sellaround widget. Here are the three most popular methods:

1. Sharing on Facebook
With Sellaround, you can sell your products directly in the Facebook streams of fans and friends. To do so, simply go to "My Widgets" in your user area and select a widget that you would like to distribute. A Facebook button that allows you to determine where your widget and any additional text ar... Read more ▸

Selling online

In our last few posts we’ve explained how you can activate your fan-base, strengthen and boost the connection between a brand and the fan, and how useful Sellaround could be in supporting both.
Today’s post is about the communication of the campaign and how you can attract a fan’s attention for upcoming offers.

It is very important to announce the start of the campaign via newsfeed a certain time before the offer goes live. It is recommended to pre-announce the official date and time of t... Read more ▸

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