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Social Commerce with Sellaround

created by Sören Schönnagel on 2011-12-16
Social Commerce as a new sales channel? Is it worth it?

A cooperation between Sellaround and the leading Swiss online marketplace shows clearly: YES, it is!

With the help of the integration of the mini shop technology from Sellaround, could reap a significant positively feedback from its 1.7 million members. Since began including the Selling Widgets as a White-Label solution, the communication and the interactive relationships between the members has become more intense, leading the vendor business to increase profitably.

Another brownie point is the fact that private and professional sellers can now provide their offerings on almost all social networks at the same time. The personal mini shop can be integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, websites, blogs, and offline via QR Codes. And the best news: the entire range of products and the whole selling process will take place directly in the Selling Widgets.

Here are the special facts!

• Since August this year, more than 65.000 mini- shops have been built by members, reaching out to 4 million Facebook- users.
• Each month, more than 30.300 bids have been placed and 18.000 purchases were made.

And what does Lukas Thoma, director of marketing and communication, say about this?

“The data confirms that the strategy of online marketplaces in combination with the Sellaround technology improves the connection in social webs and as a result we can amplify the reach and the turnovers for our sellers. We are glad, that we were able to win Sellaround, one of the most innovative companies in this sector, as a partner.”

We say: Thanks, likewise! =)

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