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Tailored Minishop

How can you best place a special deal on your facebook fanpage? Nicely featured with seamless integration?

Our partner HitFox developed a great way to use a facebook app, in which they offer the “deal of the week”.

A quite appealing way to display the Sellaround Widget in a specific context.

Check this out to see the campaign on facebook:

HitFox Best Practice (490px).jpg Read more ▸

Webshop for my own homepage

The management of your own online store can be expensive, time-consuming, and complex. Especially customers of STRATO LivePages who are planning to sell individual products (e.g. smaller companies, private sellers, startups, and self-employed) will benefit from the cooperation between Sellaround and STRATO. From now on the customers of STRATO LivePages can easily add shopping elements to their websites.

The products are created quickly and can be added as Selling Widgets into a website. Th... Read more ▸

Social Commerce with Sellaround

Social Commerce as a new sales channel? Is it worth it?

A cooperation between Sellaround and the leading Swiss online marketplace shows clearly: YES, it is!

With the help of the integration of the mini shop technology from Sellaround, could reap a significant positively feedback from its 1.7 million members. Since began including the Selling Widgets as a White-Label solution, the communication and the interactive relationships between the memb... Read more ▸

Soccer Club sell merchandise with Sellaround

Last Saturday afternoon’s home match for Hertha BSC Berlin against Bayer Leverkusen officially ended in a 3-3 tie. But the Berlin sports club came up with something special prior to the game: 1,500 large printouts were posted all over Berlin. These posters advertised not only the game but also a special QR code for a “Berliner Freunde” button. This QR code led directly to the Sellaround widget so that the button can simply be bought on your mobile device. The fan only needed to scan the QR co... Read more ▸

28Black does Social Commerce with Sellaround

Sellaround has created a successful sales campaign with 28Black, the natural energy drink. Nearly 10,000 cans were sold within 28 hours over the widgets that function as ad banners and mini-shops in one.

Alexander Exner, Director of Marketing at CALIDRIS 28 GmbH – the company behind the drink – is pleased with the strong results of the cooperation: "The collaboration with Sellaround has shown us how important social commerce is as a sales channel. Selling over the widgets is a great a... Read more ▸

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