Frequently asked Questions:

  • Can I sell anything?

    Sellaround and PayPal both ban the sale of certain items, such as illegal or pornographic materials. A precise description of what is prohibited is available at here

  • Do I need a PayPal account?

    Yes. Sellaround uses the PayPal payments system for all its transactions. Your customers can make their payments via PayPal and the money then lands automatically in the PayPal account specified by you.

  • How am I notified on purchases?

    After a sale you will automatically be notified by an email which provides you with information on the item which was sold as well as the buyer´s information.

  • How can I change my data?

    If you are registered with Sellaround you can change your data at any time. Just log in with your e-mail address and password and go to "Account". Here you can view your stored data. Click Edit to make your entries editable, and then you can make changes as required.

  • How can I share my widget with other people?

    One of the good things about Sellaround is that the social selling widget can be distributed through every kind of online channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs - and not only on your profiles, but also on those of your friends and acquaintances. Just go into the APP-Store and choose your Sellaround-App. You will see all your existing widgets. Also you can see all possible options, if you click on "share" on a widget:

    EMBED: We offer both JavaScript and flash embed codes to suit what your platform supports. Platforms with high rates of mobile access should generally use the JavaScript version, as, for example, the iPhone cannot display the flash version.
    SHARE: Clicking on theicon opens the appropriate communication platform, such as Facebook, and creates a draft post.
    LINK: You can copy both the link to your microsite and the link to the relevant widget and send these out via email or other communication channels.
    FACEBOOK APP: Sellaround offers you a Facebook app that lets you link your widget directly to a Facebook profile as a tab. Simply click on the link to the application and follow the instructions.
    QR CODE: The QR code is a downloadable graphics file containing an encrypted web link to your widget. If you display the QR code in a printed advertisement, customers with mobile telephones can photograph the code and then become linked automatically to your widget. Mobile apps with QR code functionality are usually free of charge and can be downloaded from the relevant app store.

  • How do I create a widget?

    To create a widget, please go on Sellaround.net, log in and click on the "open"-button for the Selling- or the Promotion Widget. That brings you to the overview page of your corresponding widgets where you can click on "New Product". In the next window, you can create your widget in a WYSIWYG editor under "My Product" - name, product category, 1-4 images, and description. Use the slide control under "Options" to determine whether your product has limited availability or not. If not, you can enter an item number, gross price and options, if required. If there is limited availability, you can additionally specify a restricted quantity of items per order. Under Tax you can enter your tax rate, if required. Finally, under Shipping Information you can specify whether this is a physical product that requires shipping. If it is, you can set a maximum total delivery quantity plus delivery times and costs for various countries. Now save again, and your first widget is ready!

  • How does the payment work?

    Payments on sellaround.net are all handled by PayPal. The payment is automatically splitted into the Sellaround commission and your revenue.

  • How much does the Sellaround service cost me?

    Registering with Sellaround and creating, distributing and analysing widgets is 100% free. We only make money when you do, by adding a commission to successful transactions. You can find more information about the charges at http://sellaround.net/en/preise

  • What are the Seller Terms of Use?

    With the seller terms and conditions, we let sellers define their own terms and conditions of business. If this section is not filled in, the standard legal regulations of the country apply.

  • What is PayPal?

    PayPal is a payments system that offers protection to both sellers and buyers. For more information, visit www.paypal.com

  • What is Sellaround?

    Sellaround lets you create what is known as social selling widgets. These are advertising banners and a minishop in one meaning the product presentation and payment process are linked directly into the widget. The widget can be distributed easily around the Web, e.g. via Facebook, Twitter and blogs. This increases the range and decentralizes the selling process. sellaround lets anybody become a potential seller, even without programming knowledge.

  • What is the Seller Legal Information?

    With the seller legal information, we enable sellers to define their own legal information section. If this section is not filled in, the relevant legal regulations of the country shall apply.

  • What is the Seller Privacy policy?

    With the seller privacy policy, we allow sellers to define their own privacy policy. If this section is not filled in, the relevant legal regulations of the country shall apply.

  • Who is Sellaround?

    Sellaround is operated by Sellaround GmbH of Stuttgart, Germany. For more information, please visit www.sellaround.net/aboutSellaround

  • Who pays PayPal's charges?

    PayPal charges are paid by the seller and are automatically deducted during the payment process.

  • Why do I have to register?

    You must be registered in order to save your widget, to pass it on to others or to view sales statistics. During the registration process, you will be asked for your login data, PayPal account details and other seller information. Likewise, in the registration process, you can define your own terms of use, privacy policy and legal information. Please note that we value the security of your data very highly. For more information about our data protection policy, please visit www.sellaround.net/privacy